happy birthday to molly!!!!!!

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Lily Collins + Instagram/WhoSay

  • minho & newt: no thomas no
  • thomas: yes thomas yes
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make me choose | anonymous asked me
stydia or scallision

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the worst type of procrastination is the one where you’re totally insistent that you’re going to be productive, so you spend hours on tumblr, but refuse to catch up on tv shows or anything because “i’m going to work in like a second”

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We’re called Shadowhunters. At least, that’s what we call ourselves. The Downworlders have less complimentary names for us.

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everyone has those lyrics that they want to tattoo on their soul

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television challenge → lily collins: “as a little girl living in the english countryside, i used to go running around in the forests, creating my own fairy tale.” (1/5 actresses) 

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New Four character portrait

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What was my reaction? I remembered they called me and said that I was doing the part. And I was like: “Yeahhh!” But there was no one to celebrate with and so I went to the bar on my own and got shitfaced.

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Lydia would never run and hide.’

'Why ? Because of Stiles ?’

- for my tether