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the Stilinskis + hugs

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"Then stop loving me!" -“I can’t!”

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dylan o’brien in soho today (x)

The cast of ‘The Maze Runner’ appears on NBC News’ ‘Today’ show

Dylan + smile (ノ♡ヮ♡)ノ*:・゚✧


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Natalie Dormer: ”It was really sweet actually, when we all met. The premiere was in the Chinese Theatre in L.A. and David and Dan arranged for us all to have dinner and drinks the night before. And we were all running up to each other like fans. So the first time I met Emilia, I was all over her. “Oh my God, I love your work! You’re so amazing!


Dylan O’brien heads out to launch with some family member in SoHo, NY (Sept 16th)

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How can you solve a puzzle that’s always changing?

Once Upon A Time Set (2014-09-16) x

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Confessions from Dylan O’Brien about his role in “The Maze Runner”